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about javanese batik


Java - Java is a part of Indonesia, it Have a lot of  Culture and tradition. The one masterpiece which own by Java is Batik. Batik Textile are very integral part of Javanese Culture.

    The Javanese Batik is the finest in the wold, the reason is that developed in Java possibly in the 17th or 18th century.

The main Batik centers in Central Java, inter alia pekalongan, surakarta ( solo ), Lasem ( Rembang ), Kebumen, Banjarnegara and Banyumas.

  Various patterns and design of batik can be bought at :

> kampoeng Batik laweyan, Solo
> Kampoeng Batik Kaoeman, Solo
> Klewer Market
> Beteng Trade Center, Solo
> Setono Batik centre, at Jl. Raya batang-pekalongan, or pekalongan

It was, the Batik announcement in Java based on Central Java Book Tourism Guide

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