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Central Java At a Glance

Central Java - The Heart of Javanese Culture

Central Java - As one of the Java Civilization, undoubtedfly one of the distinctive culutures by human race. Visible evidence; civilization, archaelogical relic of the days its grandeur, in the form of Hindhu and Buddhis Temple, but also the art, craft and daily customs of the people today, modified naturally, by the vicissitudes of time and the chalenggers of modern world.

  The Javanese people are famous with their friendliness, courtesy and hospitality are typical Javanese habits. I the terms of Javanese arts and crafts, batik textile are very integral part of javanese culture. The Javanese Batik is the finest in the world. The reason is that they developed in Java Possibly in the 17th or 18th century.

  ''Wayang Kulit'' or shadow puppet is the most influential Javanese Javanese art form , the one that traditionally has provided the Javanese with a framework through which to see the world and themseleves.

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