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About Yogyakarta at a glance

Malioboro Street

About Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is always a delightful surprise. It has 3,3 milions people in 3186 km2. There is 500.000 occupants in the city of Yogyakarta. The name ‘’City of bicycle’’ had given to
Jogja at last. But now, Yogyakarta is getting more and more busy. If you want to feel Yogyakarta typical atmosphere, we can go outside from the main road then entering into the settlement.

   There is a lot of ephites given to this city, such as : city of art, city of history, city of culture, city of student and city of gudeg. Why is it the city of student called ?, because some students from various parts of Indonesia are studying there and some outstanding Universities are also available.

   Yogyakarta or we know  ‘’Jogja’’ had a role in the history of Indonesian Independence.  The name ‘’Malioboro  street’’ is the main road splitting Yogyakarta city. It was taken from ‘’Duke of Marlborough’’ name. This street is elongated from north to south, started from tugu railaway atation to sultan palace locating down the road. Some merchandises and souvenirs are sold here.

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